Introduction to EqualCloud Theme and Plugin Collections

Introduction – From now onward we are posting some valuable, wisely handpicked premium and free themes, plugins for WordPress. When we post such, we will ensure to brings you only the best in industry. Reason we took this decision is by making such posts will help us to gain our SEO index/traffic and provide you a premium contents while we receive a commission from theme and plugin vendors.

As a reward for our viewers, by cooperating with theme, plugin vendors we are planning to provide you coupons and raffle draws to win amazing themes, plugins and tools.

And in future we are hoping to add more platforms to this list and provide you a better experience.

Theme, Plugin developers


List your theme

We will list your theme on any of theme category of your choice but position of your theme will be determined by quality of your theme.

This option will cost you: $25 USD

Featured your theme in a category

We’ll place your theme on the top of any theme category of your choice. That listing is active for at least 3 months. Afterwards you theme might move slightly down on the list if something comes up.

This option will cost you: $50 USD

Sidebar Banner

Sidebar banner ads

We’ll place your ad on our right side bar for at least 3 months.

This option will cost you: $75 USD

Paid reviews

We can write a detailed review about your product or service if it is related to theme, plugin, web design or development or other related topic.

This option will cost you: $200 USD

Introduction - Paid Reviews


We can host your giveaways and help you to grow your customer base and gain trust. We use Rafflecopter to manage such entries.

This option will cost you: $50 USD